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The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law LawyerThe Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer




 A divorce is an emotionally taxing process. The divorce process can long and leave you mentally bruise. Being forced to divulge the intimate details of your marital relationship to a judge or jury, then waiting months or years for a resolution—it is easy to see why litigants are eager for a final ruling of  divorce orders. When this process is over, you at least hoped you would leave the court with a sense that you were heard and treated fairly. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

When the divorce is done, and you are left with a sense that you were treated unfairly, or that the judge or jury just simply refused to listen to you, you are left with only one hope: an appeal. An appeal is a formal request for a higher court to review the case and reverse an earlier decision rendered by a lower court. Appellate work is meticulous, detail oriented work. You need to hire someone who is highly experienced in trial and appellate work. This will give you the best opportunity for a second chance on appeal.

After the judge signs the final order, time is of the essence. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to act quickly and decisively to protect your appellate rights. 

When you think you're at the end of your legal rope, I am ready to take a second look to see if the law can offer additional hope with an appeal. To be certain, appeals are difficult to win. But they are not impossible. Hiring a Board Certified Family Law attorney can improve your chances of success by presenting the best possible legal arguments on your behalf. 

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