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The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

The Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law LawyerThe Edinburg TX Divorce and Family Law Lawyer




How To Plan For Divorce

The decision to file for divorce rarely happens quickly. It is a long process that involves soul searching, reconciling and filing acceptance. If divorce has become your only option, it is important to speak to a skilled divorce attorney right away. A bit of planning and preparation will have a huge influence on the outcome of your divorce, when the time comes to file.

I am a Board Certified in Family Law attorney. I have substantial experience and knowledge about the divorce process. And I can help you navigate the legal map to reach the result you want. I will always give you my honest opinion about your chances and my opinion about what are you best options. I will work closely with you to identify your goals and ensure that our strategy is one gear for accomplishing those goals. Contact me today at 956-501-6565, for a free consultation.

You Decision to Divorce will Have an Impact

What is the consequence of moving out of the home? What will I do once divorced? Have you dealt with people in my position before? How will I pay my bills? What will you charge me? Where will the children live go to school? These are just a few of the questions you will have when you are about to file for divorce. When it comes to children, keep in mind that courts look at multiple factors to decide on custody and visitation. The planning, preparation and decisions you make before divorce can have serious implications for your case. Having the answers to these questions and understanding what to do and what not to do will can lessen you chances of jeopardizing the outcome you hope to achieve.

I am Not Certain I want Divorce. Is Planning Still Appropriate?

In a word, yes. Planning does not mean you will inevitably get divorced. But with a bit of careful planning and preparation, you will at least understand the options available to you and have the confidence to pursue what you want and need from your marriage. If getting divorced is the only avenue for you, you will be more confident taking that step by planning ahead.

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Getting married on a whim is easy. Getting divorce on a whim is hard. A bit of well timed divorce planning with an experienced family law attorney can help minimize the stress and emotion of a difficult situation. The process is never as simple as you hope, or as easy as you want it to be. Call me today to schedule a consultation.

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